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Privacy & Policy

This website and all its subdomains (hereinafter, "Website") are operated by Spitokalivaki LTD. You can find out more information about us in the section titled About

Like many others, our Website uses cookies. This policy explains how cookies are used on our Website. If you have any questions about our use of cookies, you can contact us at

1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file that is stored on the user's computer, tablet, smartphone or any other device with information on the user's browsing.

The information collected through cookies will in no case include specially protected or sensitive personal data, although it will include the IP address, date and time of visits to the Website, and in some cases, the pages viewed within the Website, the time you have been on our Website and the sites visited just before and after it, as well as other navigation data.

As such, cookies allow us to (i) analyse our services; (ii) analyse your behavior on our website; (iii) show you advertising related to your preferences based on a profile drawn up from your browsing habits; and (iv) identify problems in order to improve our website.

You can find more information about cookies at: and

2. What types of cookies do we use on our Website?

Type of cookie:

Preference cookies that declare your configuration settings, while navigating through out services. Those cookies include Dark mode / Light mode preference and Language preference. 

Owner of the cookies:

Spitokalivaki's own

Conservation period:

Up to a maximum of 12 months.

Type of cookie:

Logged in status. In case you login to our application and don't log out before leaving, our authentication provider will maintain the status of your login and will allow you to resume your activity in our side, the next time you will open the application.  

Owner of the cookies:

Firebase's own

Conservation period:

Up to a maximum of 12 months.

3. Consent

Spitokalivaki installs its own cookies of the following types: (i) technical and (ii) management of the preferences you have indicated. These types of cookies do not require your consent for their installation as they are necessary for the operation of the Website or to meet your requests for preference management of the user interface.

4. Revoking your consent

Technical cookies are essential and necessary for the correct functioning of the Application and, therefore, as they do not require your consent for their installation, they cannot be deactivated.

However, you can access "Cookie Settings" in your browser settings, which will allow you to refuse the installation of all or some cookies. The way you access these settings differs depending on the browser you are using.

Below are links to the main browsers and devices so that you have all the information you need to consult how to manage cookies in your browser.

(i) Internet Explorer ™

(ii) Safari ™

(iii) Google Chrome ™

(iv) Mozilla Firefox ™

(v) Android ™

These browsers are subject to updates or modifications, so we cannot guarantee that they will fully conform to your browser version. To avoid these inconsistencies, you can access them directly from your browser's options, which are generally found in the Options menu, in the "Privacy" section (please consult your browser's help section for more information).

5. Contact

If you have any questions regarding our use of cookies, how to configure them, revoke consent or if you feel that your rights has not been respected, please contact us by sending an email to

Privacy & Policy

Latest update: 19th August 2022

I – As a User, Registered User or advertiser (private individual or agency) that uses our Website and Apps

II – As a professional advertiser (legal person) or representative thereof that uses our Website and Apps or our tools for professionals

You should know:

We always recommend that you fully read the Privacy Policy that we provide below to be able to know in-depth which data we use from each service you request and for how long we need to keep it.

On top of this, this privacy policy may be modified by a unilateral decision by Spitokalivaki. Therefore, we recommend that you review it regularly.​

When you click the “I agree” button or equivalent or when you continue to navigate through our site and applications, you state that you know and understand Spitokalivaki's Privacy Policy.

Bellow you will find all the information that you need, to understand what we do and what we don't do with your data.

1. Data controller: who is responsible for processing your data?

Spitokalivaki is the data controller of the personal data that are sent through our website (, its sub-domains or our apps (“Website and Apps“).

We provide information in the following sections about the rights you hold as well as how we use your personal data, whether you use our Website and Apps to search for information about properties advertised (“User” or “Registered User”) or if you post a property as an individual (“Private Advertiser”) or as a representative of a Professional Advertiser (hereinafter referred to as the “Professional Advertiser”) by virtue of the General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”).

If you have any queries related to the processing of your personal data, you can contact us at the following email address:, by calling PHONE_NUMBER.

2. Purpose of the processing: what can we do with your data?

a) We manage your personal data to render the services you have requested through the Website and Apps. Such personal data may include, but is not limited to: your name, surname, email address, profile picture, user ID, password, telephone number, full details of the properties you are going to advertise (including the physical address of the properties), bank details or billing details, as the case may be.

The list of services you can request includes the following:

Please note that if you have requested any of the above services, we may contact you by telephone, SMS or email (if you have provided any of these details), in order to provide them.

b) In the case of a claim or query, we will process your data in order to manage it.

c) If you are a User or Private Advertiser, we may contact you by telephone, SMS or email (if you have provided any of these details), to send you commercial communications that you have accepted and, in particular, to:

d) If you are a User or Registered User, a profile will be created that will include information about the searches you have launched, the properties you have saved as favorites or the contacts you have made with advertisers for the purpose of showing you similar properties through messages that could be of interest to you.

e) If you are a representative or contact person of a Professional Advertiser, we manage your personal data to keep in contact and develop the business relationship with the companies you represent. We may also contact you by telephone, SMS or e-mail (if you have provided any of these details), to send you commercial communications that you have accepted and, in particular, to inform you of:

f) If you have purchased a paid service, are a Private Advertiser or a representative or contact person of a Professional Advertiser, we process your personal data to manage any claims for payment of due amounts you (or the company you represent) may owe us in relation to our services.

3. Legal basis: why can we process it?

The legal basis that allows us to process your data for each of the purposes specified in section 2 above are:

a) Contractual relationship: applicable when you request one of our services specified in paragraph 2.a) above, even if such services are free of charge.

b) Legitimate interest: to handle the queries and claims you send us (section 2.b) and manage claims for payments of due amounts (section 2.f). If you are a representative or contact person of a Professional Advertiser, we have a legitimate interest to remain in contact with the company to which we render services and that you represent, also to invite you to our events and workshops (section 2.e).

c) Your consent:

4. Recipients: To whom can we disclose your data?

We will be able to disclose your data to third parties in the following situations:

a) In relation to section 2.a above (services requested)

b) In relation to section 2.c above, (if you are a User, Registered User or a Private Advertiser)

Third parties in the real estate sector, energy companies, insurance companies, consultants, appraisers, and other companies of Spitokalivaki  when you have accepted this and for the purpose of sending you direct marketing messages.

c) For the remaining purposes

Your data will not be disclosed to third parties unless we need to fulfill any legal requirement.

d) For all purposes

Spitokalivaki's data processors may access your personal data, in other words, Spitokalivaki's service providers that must access your data in order to perform their duties, including technology service providers, documentation tools and support tools in order to assess the functioning of the Website and Apps and the use of certain functions by the users.

You can request further information about the use of your data by sending an email to the email address specifying the specific processing or use for which you require information about the recipients.

5. International data transfers: where can we send it?

There are no international transfers of your personal data for any of the processing purposes stated in section 2.

6. Period for storing your data: how long will we process it?

Depending on each processing purpose, the period for storing your data will be:

In addition, we hereby inform you that your data will remain blocked after the end of the processing for which they are intended and during the time-barring (prescription) periods of obligations for each purpose stated in section 2.

If you are Private Advertiser (whether you have used the free property publishing service or the paid service), we hereby inform you that if you request to delete your Spitokalivaki account, we will keep your telephone number in a blocked state from the deactivation date of the last of your listings up to the legal time-barring period (6 years). During this period, we retain the right to carry out security checks to ensure the correct working of our services.

7. Required updated information

There are fields in the forms that are for mandatory completion, without which we will be unable to render you the services you request. When you click on the “I agree” button (or equivalent) included in the aforementioned forms, you state that the information and the data that you provide are correct and true.

In order for the information provided to always be up to date and so that it does not contain any errors, please remember to inform us as soon as possible of any changes and rectifications of your personal data that occur by using the following email address: You can also update your telephone number through your private area on the Website or Apps.

8. Rights of data subjects

We hereby inform you that you can exercise the following rights:

You can exercise your rights at any time free of charge in the following ways:

We also inform you that you are entitled to submit a claim to the Cyprus Data Protection Agency if you consider an infringement has been committed of the data protection laws when processing your personal data.

9. Confidentiality and security

At Spitokalivaki, we make all reasonable efforts to keep the personal information confidential that is processed through the Website and Apps and if need be, other Spitokalivaki's tools. We will apply strict security levels to protect the personal data we process to avoid accidental loss and unauthorized access, processing or disclosure, bearing in mind the state of the art, the nature and risks to which the data are exposed. However, we cannot be held responsible for your use of the data (including the username and password) at Spitokalivaki that is not through our tools, Website and Apps.

10. Additional information about certain functions of the website

a) “Send to a friend” form

Spitokalivaki will not process the personal data of the friend that you include in the “Share” form.

b) Use of the message archive and internal chat messaging

For the purpose of improving your experience, Spitokalivaki will make a message archive service (sent or received) and internal messaging (chat) available to you on the Website and Apps through which Users, Registered Users and Advertisers can begin to make contact or continue their chats. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you expressly consent to Spitokalivaki storing such chats; accessing them and using automatic systems to check them to ensure fulfillment of the general terms and conditions for using the service, developing and improving our services and for the other purposes outlined in this policy.

We reserve the right to block access to the messaging service if, at our discretion, we consider that the chats could contain malicious content, spam or imply any risk for Users, Registered Users or Advertisers.

c) Registering a username and password

When signing up on the Website and Apps, you must choose between Facebook and Google authentication. This will allow you to start a session at any time as a “Registered User” and therefore manage your relationship with Spitokalivaki. The password is managed by the authentication services providers, such as Facebook and Google, therefore in the event that you forgot them, you won't be able to access your personal area until you gain access to your Facebook or Google account first.  

It is indispensable that you store and keep the password secret at all times, and that you do not provide it to any third parties. It is advisable not to use the same password for all your personal accounts so that, if any third party accesses it without your consent, such person will not be able to access the different accounts that you have on different websites.

d) Spitokalivaki/tools: what happens when you integrate your Google account or Facebook account with Spitokalivaki/tools?

When you integrate your Google account or Facebook account with our Spitokalivaki software/tools, we will export relevant information so that you have a better experience with our service.

e) Spitokalivaki/tools: what data do we receive when you integrate your Google account or Facebook account?

We receive the following data when you integrate your Google account or Facebook account

For Google account:

Google User: we will receive all your data as a Google user, including, among others, your name, surname, email address and/or telephone number, profile picture.

For Facebook account:

Facebook User: we will receive all your data as a Facebook user, including, among others, your name, surname, email address and/or telephone number, profile picture.

f) Spitokalivaki/tools: who will be able to access your data once you have integrated your Google account or Facebook account?

You, being the one who has integrated your Google account and Facebook account, and us, Spitokalivaki, as users at an administrator level, in the position of supervisors. We will only import the information that is relevant for the integration with Spitokalivaki/tools.

Thank you very much for reading this information! We appreciate your time!