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Subscription Plans

What is a Tenant Subscription plan?

This subscription is only needed when tenants want to send customized initial messages to the landlords or when they want to respond within the conversation.

NOTE: Landlords don't need to have active Tenant subscription to respond to the chats for properties that they have published!

What is Properties Subscription Plan?

If you have only 1 property for publishing, then you can publish this property directly on its own. However, if you are an agency with many properties or a private owner that owns multiple properties, you can save up some cash and purchase a Property Subscription Plan with multiple slots. Then, every time you want to publish a property, you can publish it under the available, already purchased, slots!

Are the subscription plans auto-renewed?

No! The subscription plans are not auto-renewed. You control when you want to renew the subscription, by going to the subscription page and checking the expiration date.

If the Tenant subscription plan is expired, then you will no longer be able to use the subscription plan's features, until you manually re-active it.

If the Properties subscription is expired, then you will no longer be able to publish properties under that subscription and properties that are published under this subscription, will be automatically un-published!


When does a tenant need to pay?

Tenants can do for FREE:

However to send customized initial messages or respond to advertisers, tenants need to obtain  a paid subscription plan! This means that the tenants can spend unlimited time searching for properties, FREE of charge, and as soon as they get a reply from the property's advertisers, then they can decide if it is worth it to purchase the subscription plan or not, for a significantly low cost.

When does the landlord need to pay?

Landlords can do for FREE:

Landlords will have to pay only if they decide that their property advertisements are ready, so they will have to pay for the publication of the advertisement. Landlords can publish their properties either under single transaction or they can purchase a pack of available slots and then publish multiple properties under the subscription plan.

Tenants/Clients can request a viewing for individual properties and landlord can accept/decline without additional charges. 

Expiring Publications

What happens when a publication is going to expire?

You will receive a couple of emails regarding your published advertisements that are about to get expired or that have already expried. The notifications sequence are:

How long does it take for an advertisement to get unpublished after you get the 1 Day notice email?

Usually, your property's advertisement will get unpublished within 24 hours of the 1 Day notice email. However, in some occasion it might take up to 48 hours. If you have received the email and your properties still appear as published on your personal page, you can still extend the expiration date and keep the advertisements live. Only if you have received the email stating that the properties were already unpublished, is when you have to extend the expiration period and re-publish the properties again. 

What happens to properties under subscription plan that have been unpublished due to expiration?

These properties will be unpublished and no longer be searchable on our platform by the users. However, all these properties will also change the status from "Published under Subscription Plan" to "Published under Single Publication". This means that after upgrading your subscription plan, you will have to update the properties details with the push of a button in Subscriptions Manager page.