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Schedule Viewings

As an individual property owner or agency, you have the option to set up a profile specifying your regular office hours, the times when viewings are possible, and note any special working hours or days off.

 Prospective users searching for properties will be presented with time slots based on availability, enabling them to effortlessly request a viewing with a simple button press.

Internal Communication Chat

The integrated chat feature enables tenants and private property owners/agencies to converse regarding specific property listings. This provides the convenience of handling all communications directly within the platform, eliminating the necessity of making or receiving calls at unpredictable hours. Both tenants and property advertisers can send private messages at their convenience and respond to messages at any time.

Publish an ad.

You can create advertisement for rent/sell of:

Search to buy/rent

Search for property advertisements

Connect with landlords/agencies across Cyprus

Detailed information about each property

Free services?

Whether you're a large agency or an individual property owner, reaching out to us allows you to receive a personalized voucher upon sign-up, providing discounts of up to 100%. Furthermore, additional vouchers, reaching discounts as high as 90%, are available based on your specific needs.

For tenants, the platform offers free services such as browsing property advertisements, scheduling viewings, and sending initial messages. Subsequently, for a nominal fee less than the cost of a cup of coffee, tenants gain access to unlimited internal chats.

 Moreover, as a tenant, you qualify for an exclusive 100% initial discount. Feel free to send us a message, and we'll provide you with your personalized voucher!

It is as easy as that! 

Professional Photo

We provide a professional service employing photographers who can visit your location to capture high-quality photos. This enhances the likelihood of prospective tenants or buyers finding it more appealing and expediting the rental or purchase process.

Contact Us to get a personalized quote for the property(ies) that you have.

Professional Video

Engage our expert team equipped with a camera stabilizer for a personalized property walk-through. A video is equivalent to a thousand words, and with 24+ frames (images) per second, envision the extensive narrative you can convey through a professionally crafted video walk-through.

Contact Us to get a personalized quote for the property(ies) that you have.

360° Photos

360° photos enable users to examine every detail of a room, offering a comprehensive understanding of the layout, dimensions, and potential placement of personal belongings once the property is purchased or rented. Our team will dispatch professionals with a specialized 360° wide-angle camera to capture high-quality panoramic photos.

Contact Us to get a personalized quote for the property(ies) that you have.