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Property overview


* You need to be logged in to use this feature

** You need to be signed in to use this feature and it will only have details if the advertiser is an agency and has specified office hours etc.

Check other properties posted by this advertiser

On this page you can see all the properties that were posted by the same advertiser, in case you liked a couple of postings and you would like to see what else the advertiser can offer. 

Additionally, you can check the various properties types that the advertiser has posted so you only focus on the ones that really matters to you. 

You can present all the properties posted by the advertiser on the map, by clicking on the Map button that is floating around. 

Previewing properties on the map

If you happen to see an Map button floating around on the screen, it means that you can present the property(ies) on the map.

This map will show you various icons that can help you identify the type of the property and if this property is for sail or rent. 

Clicking on the icon, will popup brief details of the propry like a photo, cost and a view button. After clicking on the view button you will be navigated to the Property overview page.